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Strategic Planning

Develop an implementable roadmap for the future. Learn team building, identify major goals, evaluate the competitive landscape, examine tactics, resolve internal conflict and create an action plan through a process of evaluation and discovery. Strategic planning results in synergy amongst the leadership team.

strategic planning implementation

Case Study - Anova Food

When Anova Food was looking to conduct their annual strategy meeting, they called on Doug Van Dyke to orchestrate the process and deliver results. Doug took the leaders through a process whereby they built a stronger team, identified major goals, evaluated the competitive landscape, examined a myriad of tactics, and created an action plan. The result? A team that was focused, and in possession of an implementable roadmap for the future. The owner of the company described the results this way: 

“Thank you for the excellent job you did in facilitating our strategy meeting. As you know, our company is going through some major changes related to growth and we requested your help in leading an all-day, offsite strategy session. We were primarily looking for a high-energy agenda that would promote teambuilding. We also wanted the experience to be valuable to our entire team as all company employees would be in attendance. Not only did you deliver what we were looking for, your personality was pleasant and not overbearing as has sometimes been my experience. You were very attentive to the needs of our particular group and the activities that you arranged were both fun and meaningful. As a result, we are now a more closely knit team. Everyone enjoyed their day and we are looking forward to our next similar event.”

Doug Brinsmade
Anova Food Inc.
Brandon, Florida

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Case Study - Steel In The Air

The entrepreneurs at Steel In The Air reached an impasse regarding strategic direction. Internal conflict was building and they needed an objective voice to help them find their way. They contacted Doug Van Dyke, who led them through a process of evaluation and discovery. The result? Synergy amongst the leadership team, and an executable path with regard to strategy. Their president put it this way:  

“Steel In The Air retained DVD Consulting for the purpose of evaluating a number of potential business ventures that had presented themselves to the organization and were causing deep division in focus. Doug Van Dyke (thefacilitator) created a one day event to assist us in weighing the merits of each venture and in ferreting out the real “expense” to the organization in both time and money. Doug thoughtfully and expertly led discussions, keeping them from derailing off track or getting too heated, funneling the creative process in a productive manner. At the end of the day, we had a road map to follow, one decidedly different than any of the management members expected going into the event. This roadmap eventually proved to be successful and we won a large contract. What truly impressed us was the way in which Doug guided conversation without ever steering the decision making process. He asked thought-provoking questions and managed our sometimes heated discussion with tact. Doug then presented us with a thorough copy of notes from the discussion and a game plan crafted from the meeting.”

Ken Schmidt
Steel In The Air
Ft. Myers, Florida

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Case Study - Chamber of Commerce

The Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce was looking to revamp their sales strategy, as well as the services they offered to their members. In addition, they wanted to build a bridge between their Board of Directors and their Board of Trustees. With an aggressive agenda and confirmed attendance of close to 70 people, the Chamber turned to Doug Van Dyke for guidance and structure. The result? Doug led the combined team through a funneling process that allowed them to identify paths and strategies, and then vote to determine which avenues to pursue. The Chamber left the meeting with a clear action plan that was implemented beginning the next day. The Chamber’s CEO summed it up as follows:     

“Doug's breadth of knowledge of the business environment allows him to expertly cover virtually any topic that comes up in these often spirited discussions. Doug is very incisive in his ability to assess issues and his manner allows (us) to work through the options and personally 'own' the solution. Unflappable, Doug is a trusted friend and advisor.”

Jerry Custin
Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
Oldsmar, Florida  

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